How To Scrape Google (Maps & SERPs) For B2B Leads

In this post, we’ll be covering everything in the video below, where you can follow along and get clarity on the processes involved 😀 Note: I recommend watching the video from the start to get a feel of the type of approach that actually works for landing clients, you’ll make far better use of the data you will now be able to harvest. By the end of this post, you will be able to: Create detailed lead lists in industries you already have winning case studies in for frictionless selling with real context Scrape directly from Google Maps at scale for accurate ready to use B2B lead data After setting Google to show 100 results, scrape directly from the SERPs Use the harvested data to create omnichannel B2B sales outreach campaigns like this Find hundreds of companies with unmanaged GMBs with ease Chrome Extensions Let’s go ahead and dive in and get the two tools that are required installed. MozBar from Moz MozBar can be downloaded here. Being a heavy user of Scrapebox & URLProfiler, one would gravitate towards those tools, but unfortunately, once you start messing around with proxies and mass scraping Google, results and potential clients may be