Scaling Link Building w/ James Gregory – Digital Gods Ep. #2

I recently did an interview with my friend Charles Floate on the Gods of SEO podcast. We had a really interesting conversation on all things link building and what is working for me at the moment. I got a lot of great feedback following that interview so decided to capture some of those thoughts in this blog post. I’ve taken some of the key topics from the interview and added some other details to try and make it as useful as possible. Under each heading, I’ve added a link to the exact spot in the interview where the relevant topic was discussed in case you want to hear the conversation in more detail. The State of Link Building in 2022 👉 Jump to timestamp here It has been interesting to watch the link-building industry evolve over the last 10 years. In some ways, we have seen a return to some old link types that we used years ago. It’s a bit like the fashion industry where the trends from a decade ago are starting to make a resurgence, but the staples are still there. A lot of the older link types we used (GSA, SAPE) are not being used for